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Yubu is a singer songwriter from Nairobi Kenya. 

He has explored a variety of genres, all the way from old school hiphop to alternative rock n roll, pop, soul,blues and reggae.
His experience with different genres and vocal prowess has enabled him to master the art of live performances as well as songwriting.


Albums available for streaming: "On The Run"-Reggae and "Bad Case of Love"-Blues


2020 SHOWS

Memphis Reggae Halloween

Lamplighter 1702 Madison Ave

(Limited Seating + FB Live Stream)

Saturday, October 17th@ 7pm

More Reggae More Love . Limited social distanced seating available. Keep safe :)

Punky Reggae Party 2

Brinson's Downtown 341 Madison Avenue

Saturday, October 31st@ 3pm

The special Halloween Jerk Cookout event! Come on down and get the all new Jerk chicken sandwich. Curbside pick up available. OUTDOOR Limited social distanced seating available.


These two musical genres were born out of oppression:

BLUES. Black Slaves would sing African spirituals, African chants and work songs while being forced to work in various plantations. This is where the blues was born.  

REGGAE. During the struggle for Jamaican Independence, the Jamaican youth combined rocksteady and ska to form Reggae music. It was their music of choice to express their struggle during that difficult time.

Blues and Reggae have served as a tool for education and communication among the oppressed. These genres have also served as a vehicle of peace between different cultures and communities.

In today's day and age, we need more of this music to educate and unite us all. 





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